YOU are The Magic

Posted by Ju'Nae Fit on

Have you ever heard the phrase, “no one is you and that is your superpower”? 

Corny? Maybe.

True? Undoubtedly.

Let’s Talk briefly about the power of individuality…

Individuality refers to the things that make each of us different from all others.

 In other words, individuality is the sum of the qualities or characteristics that distinguish us from each other.  It’s our uniqueness-the things that make us unique. Our individuality sets us apart from others; it includes our self-identity, our personality, and any other quality or characteristic that makes us unique.

Our individuality is what makes us shine like the stars we are. Did you know that no two stars are the same? All stars in the universe are unique; just like us.

The things that make us unique are often the things that we naturally do well; that’s out competitive edge. That is why there’s no such thing as competition when you’re manifesting in your own lane; you can’t fake it. Compete to be uniquely who you are,and you will find that you will be desirable and exceptional because of your uniqueness.

When you are being your authentic self- people can try to copy you or pretend to be you, but they will never succeed against you. While you are just being you, their real self will come thru sooner or later.

Like the stars in the universe that are all unique, we can also shine in our uniqueness without fear of being in competition with anyone else.

There is room for everyone’s uniqueness to shine. 

YOU are the magic, everything else is just extra.