Quick Healthy, and Tasty DIY Recipes & Portion Control

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Oftentimes, people think you need to eat salads all day in order to be “fit”, but that’s completely FALSE 🙅🏿‍♀️You should take pride in maintaining a well balanced diet 🍽 which should consist of protein, healthy fats 🥑, good carbs, and veggies. In this blog post, we have provided some recipes for you guys to try as well as tips on portion control.

[DISCLAIMER ⚠️: take into account your dietary restrictions, amount of activity, and fitness goals when creating your daily meals. If you would like professional advice, please contact a nutritionist]

Portion control is very important! Here's why:

1. Portion control trains your stomach to shrink in size thus preventing over eating and binge eating.

2. Portion control forces your body to digest food easily because it's no longer working twice as hard to digest larger amounts of food.

3. Through portion control, you're forced to eat less because you feel full faster. This feeling of satiety (state of fullness) is initiated much quicker upon eating.


{Pictured: rice, black beans, chicken, cilantro, avocado, onions, pineapple salsa) Bowls make for a great lunch/dinner meal. A bowl can be made out of anything you want! Here is a guideline to help you create a delicious and nutritious bowl made  for your personal taste.

Base- brown rice, jasmine rice, white rice, quinoa 

*choose 1* Protein- chicken, fish, shrimp, turkey, tofu

*choose 2* Vegetables- lettuce, broccoli, cilantro, spinach, onions, tomatoes, corn 

*choose 1* Extras- nuts, guacamole, pineapple salsa, black beans, pinto beans, salsa


Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps - Delish.comimage

{Pictured: ground turkey (lettuce) wrap & chicken (pita bread) wrap }

Similar to the bowls, don't be afraid to get creative! For the foundation of your wrap you can use lettuce, pita bread, flour tortilla shells, corn tortilla shells, etc. Wraps are another quick and easy way to make sure that you are hitting all your food groups. You can add meat, or leave it filled with just veggies... either way: you are sure to be satisfied!


5 fruit and veggie smoothies

{Pictured: green smoothie- apples, spinach, kale, coconut water, banana | berry smoothie- Greek yogurt, almond milk, raspberries, blue berries}

Busy week? Take some time Sunday to put your smoothie contents in a sandwich, throw them in the freezer and put empty it in the blender when you're ready to head out- breakfast, lunch, or snack on the go! We love a convenient treat.

Image result for fruit in sandwich bag

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